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  • Yahoo Finance
    November 2021
    Metaverse startup in Singapore acquires The Cooking Game VR

    BuzzAR, a recognition tech company in Singapore run by game veterans, Ken Lim and Bell Beh, is transitioning to join Facebook (or Meta) in the co-creation of a metaverse ecosystem.

  • Tech In Asia
    September 2021
    Choco Up invests $630k in Singapore augmented reality startup

    Hong Kong’s Choco Up, a revenue-based financing platform, has invested US$630,000 in Singapore augmented reality (AR) and AI startup BuzzAR as part of a funding partnership.

  • NetEase
    November 2021
    加速元宇宙愿景:BuzzAR 收购 VR 烹饪游戏「The Cooking Game VR」

    9月,BuzzAR完成了63万美元融资,而此次收购BuzzAR则明确了这家初创公司的战略重点——即加速其在亚太地区的元宇宙愿景. BuzzAR作为一家科技先锋公司,自2015年以来始终在开发VR、AR、 UGC内容及在线游戏,并致力于打造元宇宙体验.

  • NetEase
    November 2021
    AR初创公司BuzzAR收购VR烹饪游戏《The Cooking Game VR》

    在9月份完成63万美元融资后,新加坡AR初创公司BuzzAR宣布已收购《The Cooking Game VR》。 这是一款由香港游戏工作室Play Spirit Limited开发的VR烹饪游戏, 已于7月29日登陆PCVR头显。据了解,此次收购巩固了该公司的战略重点,即加速其在亚太地区的元宇宙愿景。

  • NetEase
    February 2021
    BuzzAR signs MoU with Cloudbae to accelerate AR and Big Data capabilities

    Buzz AR, crossed S$1 million in revenue for the last quarter 2020 after launching 3 core deep tech products including Asia Pacific’s first WebAR in the hospitality space.

  • NetEase
    December 2020
    Singapore’s First Web AR Experience Powered By Buzz AR

    Experience Singapore’s first augmented reality hospitality experience. Using augmented reality on a web-based platform (WebAR) organised by the Singapore Tourism Board, you can interact with “PlanB” in their real-world environment.