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Co Founder, Ken Lim started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18 from his university’s dorm room in Germany as a scholarship holder. In 2013, Ken Lim and a few of his friends started as indie game developers. Together, they published over 20 games, and by 2015, they had achieved over 1 million in revenue.

Childhood friends turned co founders, Ken Lim and Bell Beh started Play Spirit Limited in Hong Kong publishing games in all formats online, apps, VR, and AR. In 2018, both founders came together to form their second venture, BuzzAR. BuzzAR is a location-based AR solutions for retail and commerce based in Singapore. It also has launched its avatar engine, HappyToon App for mobile users as an easy to use photo editor that convert selfies and photos into animated avatars, cartoon videos.

Next, after a successful transition to be a metaverse startup, the company is riding on Web3.0 to roll out CryptoToon, empowering the community with abilities to CREATE, OWN, TRADE. Their vision is to augment places and faces, connecting the next billion users to co create an inclusive metaverse, this is where Memes meet the Metaverse, for people from all walks of life.



Online Games


Co-Founder, Ken Lim started as an Indie Game developer, published 20 games, The Cooking Game gather over 1 mil revenue.

Virtual Reality


Development progress for next company project, The Cooking Game Virtual Reality started .

Virtual Reality

January 2017

The Cooking Game Virtual Reality Early Access version is live on OCULUS RIFT store.

Virtual Reality

January 2018

Our games celebrates 20 million aggregated players across all platforms.

Virtual Reality

July 2018

The Cooking Game Virtual Reality is live on Steam VR, sold over 110 thousand copies. Top Seller on STEAM Store.

Virtual Reality

January 2019

The Cooking Game Virtual Reality goes live on Google Daydream, with Samsung Gear VR

Augmented Reality

Late 2019

The Cooking Game characters deployed at physical venue, sales exceeds US$ 1 million .

Digital Twins

January 2021

Digital Twins and Face to Cartoon patents filed, commercialized, Eureka Label granted.

UGC's (Avatar Engine)

August 2021

HappyToon generated 1.5 mil avatars, going viral in 120 countries, hit no.8 on Singapore’s AppStore (photo&video).

NFT's (CryptoToon)

Coming In 2022

BuzzAR acquires The Cooking Game and bootstrapped from 0 to over an aggregated US$3mil milestones.


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